Thursday, September 26, 2013


Three years ago I embarked on a journey into my story.

For so many years, I had lived the safe life.  The life where all the right choices were made, all of the correct steps were taken, and I had set myself up to be comfortable, safe.

Although, I had made all of the correct choices by the measure of the world, I had lost sight of where I ever intended my path to go.

I was lost, in my own story.

I didn't recognize the main character.

I had no idea where she was supposed to go, how she was supposed to feel, or why she was ever lost.

I only knew I needed to find her, and I needed to reclaim what was truly hers. I knew she needed to stop living a life of fear and move to a life of great freedom and redemption.

I knew it was time for me to take a deeper look into my story, to allow God....

Through Retelling, I was given the chance to tell the story of my past through the lens of grace. I was able to take a deeper look in a safe, authentic community, to sort through the broken and allow God to make it new again.

I was able to separate the lies from the truth, and change the direction I was going, from my path to the glory of His.

By looking at the past, I discovered the future.  In my brokenness, I discovered great beauty.

I realized how the need to control my life in order to avoid pain and sorrow, was moving away from God, instead of running toward Him. I no longer rely on my own understanding to protect my heart, but trust God with it.

In this I have found great freedom.  I am now awake to my heart's deepest longings, and know I am worthy of God's abundant love and grace.

I now crave authenticity, truth, and the community each of these draw near. For when I live with my heart ready to give and receive love the door to deep, authentic relationships swings wide open, inviting me in.

For the first time, I am living with a heart fully alive, free from fear and embracing the journey ahead.


  1. Beautiful words Theresa, thank you for sharing!

  2. So encouraging. You are so amazing!

  3. Yes, Theresa, listen with your heart and God will lead the way.


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