Saturday, July 27, 2013


The boys have been spending lots of time in their fort lately. 
They say it is to trade cards, watch a movie, or read books; but if I were to guess their secret, I think they are spending so much time in there to get away from the new two year old in their lives.
The last three weeks have been filled to the brim with change, both welcomed and unwelcomed.
We have all been wading through the brutiful journey of bringing Finley home, and it has all of us sorting through our new normal... one secret{a new tradition of telling what is truly on our hearts} at a time.
This morning, I found this......

Gibson, Elliott and Finley all playing together in the fort.

They were enjoying each other,

and acting all shades of goofy.

Each one of my kids was happy.

and, so was I.


  1. yes. and. yes. keep writing, dear one. the beautiful and the not. so. beautiful. He uses ALL of it. ALL of it. your always close to my heart and in my prayers.

  2. They look like they belong together.

  3. what beautiful moments captured, pure joy :)


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