Friday, June 7, 2013

Korea Outtakes.....

You say my husband looks dapper in his tie? Truth be told, it isn't his tie and the shoes he is wearing are not his either...... They are the accessories of the General Manager of our hotel ... long story....

Kalen....the little boy who first bonded us to Finley by playing soccer with her.

A picture taken by Finley girl.

Our first Korean meal on the floor.

It looks like we have a budding photographer on our hands.

So thankful for face time with these goofy kids.

Yes, blogger stinks in Korea too.

Yep, a baby octopus.

Another Finley pic.

Please note first picture.... the hunt for a size 11 shoe in Korea almost put me over the edge.

After Steve's relentless pursuit, I agreed to try on this dress.... as she pulled out the dressing room I told Steve he owed me one.... please note security camera above....

We even got to watch baseball in Korea!

Wohoo, Elliott hit a single.

And what do you know.... we even got a morning call from Bruno.

Moose ears, what else would you do on day 9 of face time?

Have I mentioned I think older Koreans are just about as cute as little Koreans? This gentleman reminded me of my Grandpa.

While in Asia, play ping pong...
Steve 1 - Theresa 1
{there is something to be said for slow and steady wins the race}

Let it be known that Korean chopsticks are NOT the same as American chopsticks. I finally found a pair that kept me from eating my entire meal with a spoon.

Yes, every Korean meal comes with all of these fixings.
*Please note cute older gentleman in the background....the true reason for the picture?

Korea......until we meet again.

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  1. love, love, love! is Steve shirtless in the Bruno picture??


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