Friday, May 31, 2013

A New Set of Eyes

One of the many things I have been in awe of throughout our adoption journey is how God always sends us hope and a renewed spirit when we think we are fresh out.

Today, God sent both of these things to us in the form of volunteer tour guide named, Ju.

For an otter and a golden, Steve and I were not as excited about this tour as we usually would have been.

We rolled out of bed, pulled ourselves together, and even skipped our coffee in sheer avoidance of the day ahead.

Since arriving in Korea, we have felt a bit lonely and a lot overwhelmed.

Today, we were given new hope through the eyes of a young Korean woman who longed to practice her English, and had a heart of gold.

She was a glimpse of my girlfriends {my counsel} I am missing back home, answering all of the random, quirky questions that I have been wondering since arriving in Seoul. 


Why don't Koreans wear wedding rings? 'We don't wear bands, and a lot don't wear a ring at all.'

Do you really eat the pigs feet with skin and knuckles still in 'tow'? {maybe it's the jet lag, but I just cracked myself up} 'Yes! It is very good, should try it.'  $&@!?

How do you say excuse me?  'We don't, we just push people.'

Do lots of people hold hands? 'Oh yes! Women especially hold hands with their friends.'

How do you say, No Thank You? 'We just say NO in Korea.'

Why do Koreans hold up two fingers in their pictures? 'It stands for victory, but in London where I lived it stood for a very bad curse word.'


Today, Ju not only took us to the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Namdaemun Market, but she also took us out of our fog of grief into an place of renewed hope and excitement for Finley's homeland...and that is exactly what God knew we needed today.


Dear Gibson, Elliott and Finley,

Just like the videos we watched at home Korea is a country filled with a fascinating history and one that is rich in tradition. Today Mama and Dad got to see a mere glimpse of that. 

We look forward to one day bringing you all back to Korea. 

The only question we have is which one of you will dare to eat the pig's foot?????

Here are some pictures of Mommy and Daddy today .... We think you will recognize some of the places we went.

We love you Gyeonbokgug palace and back'


{changing of the guards}

{This is Ju giving the Victory sign}

{look at all of those sweet Korean kiddos on a field heart melted}

{at the market}

{you know what they say....when in Rome... buy a coconut!?!?!}
Daddy thought we should.

{Daddy with his coconut and green tea ice cream from JiJu island}

Signing out from Insadong,
Steve and Theresa


  1. smiling from ear to ear :)
    I think the Koreans have a strong sense of boundaries! And no, thank you, on the pigs' feet.

  2. We miss you! I look forward to seeing your new adventures each day!

  3. So great to be able to see and hear about more of your experiences there! Thank goodness for Ju, will you be able to have her with you again? Miss you and praying for your hearts and for God to keep showering you with hope.

  4. You capture and share your experience so beautifully. Your honesty and gratitude are so compelling. Thank you for the gift of your grace-filled stories.

  5. You are so lucky to have had this experience!


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