Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Elliott Drew

Happy Birthday to our joyful, sensitive, witty, courageous, smart, 
 creative and hilarious Elliott Drew.

In your fifth year of life you......

Lost your first front toothAttended your first concert {needtobreathe}! Started mountain biking. Started READING! Built a tepee. Spent hours racing cars, playing with your football and soccer guysBecame extremely interested in ESPN and sports facts. Played soccer. Started scaring the jeepers out of your mama, while escaping each scaring attempt she tried. Mastered your jump shot. Found the joy that your witty one liners bring. Loved everything football! Became enamored with football routes. Played t-ball and LOVED it. Devoured your math homework. Made your first gingerbread house. Rode on the tube ride at Avalanche Bay.Dune jumped. Served at the Supper House. 
And, prayed for your sister every night.

We are love you to the moon and back and are 
blessed beyond measure by you, Elliott Drew.

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