Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hypothetically speaking....

Let's just say you are driving slowly down an icy road and you come upon an older gentleman
 {who speaks broken English and is driving a vehicle with a Florida licence plate and balled tires}
{you can't really know that by driving by, but that's beside the point}
and two kind {and may I add still attractive} ladies trying to push this Floridian out of a winter-y Michigan mess, please stop to help them. Especially if you are a gentleman, weigh more than one-hundred and thirty pounds and are genetically created to have the power to push a mid-sized vehicle out of the snow.

 I am certain, in this hypothetical situation, the freezing cold ladies would rejoice, and the kind older gentleman from Florida would be beyond grateful.

And, the bonus of stopping, in this hypothetical situation, is that you could meet a new friend who may possibly be named Sara, laugh with this new friend about watching this video in heaven someday, and you could  be one of the first Michiganders to welcome a lovely Floridian to Michigan for vacation.
{Future PSA: Do not come to Michigan in January for a vacation}

A note to my children: Gibson, Elliott and Finley {Finley, do not stop in a dark, desolate area alone} always stop when you see someone may need help.  Most often they will not, but you stopping will show people that love wins and kindness matters.

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  1. laughing. favorite parts: "genetically created", the future PSA, and "Finley, do not stop in a dark, desolate area alone".


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