Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project52: New

New in a week filled with the same ole' seemed honestly, uninspired.

I traveled through stores looking for anything that said Believe.

I had the brand new jar of peanut butter ready to take a shot of the first sacred scoop.

And, Steve was trying to convince me to take a picture of the closets he just built a new drawer for.

But none of it made me want to grab my camera.

As it turns out, I did not grab my camera at all for this shot because Steve out of the blue said,

 I got it.

He snapped a candid shot of me showing Gibson an adoption video for the first time.  A video that captivated him and has spoken directly to our hearts this week.

In the story of our adoption and our Finley Grace, there is very little that is new.

We waited for years to meet her.

We wait for months to get an update and even longer for a new picture.

The news is never new, much less inspiring.

This week was more of the same, until we saw this video, filled with new stories of redemption in a world of waiting.

How HE love us,

Oh, how HE loves us.

*please click HERE to see why Finley is worth the wait, and why we were called to adopt. it would mean the world to us.

Head to the Terpblog to see how their story now has new chapter.


  1. Love the candid moment. And that Steve is so supportive of this project!

    Truth be told, I was quite uninspired this week as well (pretty sad for the theme-picker!) Pulled mine out at the last minute. :) haha. Thanks for hangin' in.

    1. Autumn, it so wasn't the theme, but the week:)

  2. I loved that video. Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. I love that video too- my friend Mary was the producer :)


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