Monday, August 6, 2012

Ready? Set? Go!

It's go time.

Who's ready to start purging one space at a time?

1. Bedroom Closet: Time for a fashion reboot. Let's get real: will you ever fit into your post-high school, pre-baby pants again? Are you holding onto things you haven’t worn in a year? Are hangers being wasted on shirts you bought (tags still attached!) but never wore? Say goodbye to the past and hello to the new you.

2. Hall Closet: Let go of the skeletons. Pick a closet, any closet: perhaps your coat closet, your linen closet, or your catch-all closet? Choose the worst offender or sort through them all. Fling open the door and face your hidden holdings.

3. Shoes & Accessories: Set off on some sole searching. How many pairs of shoes do you really need? Can someone else benefit from your 4th pair of black flats? How many purses/bags/totes can one girl really own? Cut them loose. Keep what you love. The rest is just baggage.

4. Kid Closet(s): Managing the monsters in their closets. It’s time to find a new home for those too-short jeans, too-tight shirts, and too-small shoes. Could someone else find joy in the dress shirt that makes your child cringe? Are there any other “monsters” hiding out in the deep, dark corners? Banish them once and for all!

5. Toys: Send Polly Pocket packing. Get the kids involved! What toys do they no longer play with? What could they do without? Explain to them where their extra toys are going: don’t be surprised when they are more than happy to share with less fortunate kids. Start with the absolute must-keeps and then streamline (i.e. toss, donate, or sell) the rest.

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