Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Purge: The Final Push

Oh. My. August has been full of living and thrown my project purging for a loop.

But, today, I'm back and will be wrapping up my purging for delivery by Wednesday.

If you would like to join me in this last ditch effort to use excess for justice, today's the day.

When Katie and I began this journey our mission was to bring you two different perspectives on the same process.

And, in true T-licious {one of those nicknames that you don't really know how you got it but it stuck} form this blog is to encourage the procrastinators, the overwhelmed with life-ers, and the organized wanna-be-ers.

So here we go T - 3 days until the sale, and the last 10 spaces to purge.

Days 6 - 15

6. Baby Stuff: Bye bye, baby. Are you holding on to baby stuff just in case? Or saving that cute baby outfit for your future grandchild in 30 years? Do you keep tripping over your out-of-commission exersaucer? If the baby ship has sailed, let it slip into the sunset.

7. Books: That’s what libraries are for. Which books will you really re-read? Could you pass some favorites along to friends (and instead of asking of them back, ask them to pass them on)? Are there books in your home your kids have outgrown, rarely touch or have seen better days? Spread the love and lend your books new life.

8. Home Decor: Cleanse your decorating spirit. Does your lamp bring you life or could it light up someone else's world? Does your decor make you happy when you enter a room? How many pictures frames are you holding onto just in case? Open your hands (and the door) and let go: your home is much more than the decor you fill it with.

9. Kitchen: The pressures of Betty Crocker. Have you only made a quiche once in the last 9 years? Is that crystal glass pitcher even your style? Keep the items you reach for time and time again and cut out the rest of the kitchen clutter.

10. Pantry: From your pantry to theirs. Buy too many cans of beans at the last sale? Having trouble managing your boxes of mac & cheese? After you clean out the excess in your own kitchen pantry, take a trip to the grocery store, load up your cart, and drop it off at your local food pantry.

11. Technology: Time to tune out the tech. Could you simplify your DVD collection? Perhaps add your CD collection to iTunes? Any old electronics sitting around gathering dust? Tech tip: the VHS tape is not about to make a comeback.

12. Hobbies: Leave your pastimes in the past. Clean out your craft supplies. Pass on past-due project supplies. It’s OK if Pinterest temporarily made you believe you were crafty...let go, move on, and focus your energy on a hobby you really enjoy.

13. Garage: Reclaim your parking space. Has it been awhile since your garage actually housed a car? Do your kids have enough outdoor toys to entertain a small nation? Do you often find yourself tripping to get in the door? Your first impression when you return home should be calm, not chaos.

14. Sports & Games: Get your game face on. It’s OK if you never really liked rollerblading...someone else will be thrilled by your circa 1992 pair of blades. Did your child try {baseball/soccer/snowboarding/tennis} and hate it? Do you get buried in board games everytime you open the closet? Call a timeout and focus your free time on the activities you really dig.

15. Storage Room: Yep, we’re going down there. If it’s been sitting in your storage room for years, how bad do you really need it? Will you ever really repaint that old dresser? Are your holiday decorations dragging you down? Clear a path towards simpler living!

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