Saturday, July 28, 2012

Insta.Life {Summer Series}

Summer is as summer does, and it is flying by!
Here is a small peek into our summer days.


Another year of swimming lessons have come and gone.

Loving my morning #SheReadsTruth time.

I woke up to the strong smell of coffee
to find that Steve moved the coffee pot 
to the bathroom, in hopes of waking
up earlier.

Kid's Money 101: Spend, Save, Share.

The boys were instructed to take Mama on
a date.  Their perfect date?

Blessed by the kindness of another
adoptive Mama.

Someone took a nap and got to
stay up late to watch the 
Tigers with Daddy.

A rare date night.

Gibson's first bike accident
of his young biking career.

Break. My. Heart.

Nothing says summer like
 strawberry pie and lemonade for the kids,

Hops and Glory for their mom and dad.

We took a much needed break from
record breaking heat with a trip north
for ice cream and a movie.

Diving into the sunset.

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