Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Come to Jesus Closet Cleaning

For all too long, I have over complicated my life. 

 I added too much to my plate.  

I worried about things that I had no control over. 

 I got overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin and my closet was no exception.

Over a year and a half ago my dear friend did a complete closet overhaul and since that day I longed to complete one myself but was frozen in fear of the unknown.

The rubber finally met the road when Katie proclaimed that she was coming over and she wasn't going to leave until it was done.  

With loving yet stern direction, I was led down the path of denial, self doubt and freedom all in one afternoon as we tackled this monster of a space.



{another brilliant idea from my closet consultant *she even let me borrow her frames}

What I LEARNED ...

Less is more
If you haven't worn it in a year, you won't wear it.
My closet should be a peaceful place
Your clothes need to serve a purpose
Forest green hangers are out of style 
{apparently turtle neck sweaters are too}
There is freedom in letting go.
I have one amazing friend!

After nearly a week post purge, it is safe to say that getting ready in the morning is now 100 times easier, and I still get giddy every time I see my closet.

IHeart Organizing


  1. Glory!! You've seen the {closet} light!

    What's next? ;)

  2. LOL I love it! I love those "come to Jesus" moments that organising brings :)

    The inspirational sayings are gorgeous - were they free downloads somewhere or did you do them yourself. If free somewhere, please will you let me know?

    1. They are free! If you send me your email address or pinterest name I will send them your way:)

  3. Looks great! And it looks like you get to cross #14 off your "32" list. :)

    Becky B.

    1. Oh, my goodness Becky, I completely forgot about that one! Now it is even sweeter:)


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