Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Care Package #1

It is safe to say that this little adventure called adoption has been an emotional roller coaster.  There are highs and there are extreme lows. 

We survived the home study process, barely escaped the waiting for referral go-around, and now we are in strapped in tightly as we wait to become a forever family.

The conclusion we have come to is that the roller coaster is ultimately broken and that no matter how frustrated we get with the broken roller coaster nothing will fix it.  So, we are just fastening our seat belts one more time for another bumpy ride.

One highlight of this stretch of the ride is that we get to send Finley care packages which has been the first "fun" part about this adventure.

From the day that we saw her precious face we started collecting goodies for our Finley.

The goodies we sent...

A letter. written to Finley and a letter of thanks to her foster mother.
I used google translate to craft the letter and I am praying that it is accurate.

Disposable camera. with the hopes that her foster mother will snap some priceless pictures of this time in Finley's life.  Fingers really crossed here.

Photo book. {as the boys call it, a "chewable" photo book} filled with our pictures and our names.  Again, I am crossing my fingers and praying that Finley's foster mother with look through this every day with her. *I used picnik to add our names

Cuddly bear. {complete with hoodie} given to us from the thoughtful Ms. Katie.

Taggie blanket.  because the teacher in me is trying to work in some fine motor... kind of kidding...but not really.

With four minutes to spare on a Saturday morning our package was signed, sealed,

and ready to be delivered.

 And, in 10-14 days from now, Finley Grace will see her forever family for the first time.

Ultimately, I am not a fan of roller coasters {they're dangerous, unpredictable, and make me nauseous} but in the end I am always glad I took the risk and got on the ride.

I cannot imagine the feeling when this roller coaster finally stops for the last time. 


  1. so, so sweet! Finley will love to hear these stories when she's older!

  2. yay! she will LOVE her 1st gift from her family!


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