Thursday, December 1, 2011


It has been a bit!

Why?  I cannot tell you, but it has been really busy over here on Goldenrod...we have the Instagrams to prove it.

 1. Nothing like an early morning swimming gift to make you thankful
for your friends.
2. While re-writing our calendar, Elliott wanted to polish up his 2's.


3. Last week, it was a football game between the bowling pins.
This week, it is a baseball game between the army men.
4. Trying to master Grandma Klein's pecan rolls with the Klein women.

5. The secret to a good time: surround yourself with Katie Terpstras
and you'll be laughing for hours.
6. The van has become what I remember of the school bus,
the back it the best.
7. Now that's a sign of a good dirt cup!
8. Gibson shouts from the dryer, "Mom, I can't find my UnderArmor!"

 9. Soon to be Oreo Cheescake.
10. Or, maybe not!

11. Elliott has been a measuring fool lately, measuring everything in the house.
12. The first picture hanging in the baby's room, who will God send to us?

13. Cheese. Swine. Wine. To. Die. For.
14. Out on the town.

15. My first Mat Kearney experience at the House of Blues turned
out to be my favorite concert experience ever!
16. I imagine this is what it would have been like if we had met in college.

 17. That voice. Those lyrics. Spiritual.
18. Matt (with two ts) and Steve reminded that they have some pretty fun wives!

 19. The breakfast after the fun.
20. My new, favorite T-shirt.  Thank you Matt for blessing me.

 21. We had to! It's not everyday that you have hot asian buns
in real life and on a sign!
22. Yep, that just happened.  I am so glad it did.

23. Could that be the sun?
24. Attempting my first t-shirt necklace.

25. Headed to the pool.
26. How does this happen? I swear it was clean 12 hours ago.

27. Gibson's day off started with Battleship, and
28. ended with bowling.

 29. Headed to Grand Blanc for some turkey and some stuffing.
30. Elliott's idea of Heaven....watching football all day.

31. Ping. Pong.
32. Are we really standing in line at Target @ 12:32 a.m.? Yep!

32. One hour later and we are
33. spent. 

 34. Late night drive home turned out to be a pleasant one as Steve
and I were able to talk in a quiet mini-van.
35.  Thank you Pinterest!

 36. Steve stole me for a surprise date that included MoDiv, jelly bellys
and a glass of wine.
37. Now that is the longest silverware I have ever seen.

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  1. I love your pictures from this week. Looks like a great one. And, the music on your blog put an instant smile on my face this morning. So thanks for that. (Mercy Me was playing when I first came here)

  2. phew! you did it! love your instagrams! love you!


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