Sunday, September 11, 2011

Big E Takes to the Soccer Field

For two years now, Elliott has patiently stood on the
soccer sidelines, cheering his brother on.
 In rain, rain and more rain he has taken in each and every soccer practice and game.
He has patiently waited for his turn and has never complained,
knowing that his day would eventually come.

Yesterday, the day he has been waiting for had finally arrived.
It was now his turn to hit the soccer field, his turn to show the world
the soccer skills he has been perfecting in the front yard and his imagination.

It was his turn to shine.

And, shine he did,

smiling the entire time.

He was cool, he was confident,

and he was tickled pink to have his own cheering section.

He was as proud as a peacock and loving life.

"Go Rangers!"


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