Thursday, February 17, 2011

Team up Thursday: Blue

I n some insane attempt to pretend that we have a life outside of our crazy, hectic full time mom schedules, Sara and I, on a whim decided to try to start up Team up Thursdays again.  And as we both had serious second thoughts about this revival last night, we threw all of our perfectionist tendencies aside and gave it our best shot.  Neither one of us were thrilled with our picture, but in the end they captured moments of our life, and isn't that what taking pictures is all about?

In Sara's picture it is quite obvious that Ben's feelings are crushed, and that is about as blue as a boy of the ripe ole' age of three can get.  And, I love that he is wearing blue...well played.

My picture was taken after Gibson's six year well child appointment.  We always go on a one-on-one date after trips to the doctor.  And at today's appointment, unlike several of his appointments in the past, the only thing that was blue was the race car we did victory laps in
to celebrate his eight pound weight gain.

And for Sara and me, hooray for small victories that make us feel normal.

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