Monday, December 20, 2010

toys of Christmas past

E very Christmas, there is always that one gift.  the gift that lights up your child's eye, and the one they carry with them for the next two weeks. 

today, i realized that this year's gift may have already been gifted to my boys as their brand new pillow pets ate breakfast with us, traveled to the pulmonologist with us, snuggled in with us for a movie, and are now spectators of a wild soccer game currently being played in the basement. 

however, though the instantaneous connection is a good indicator of a buzz light year caliber toy,  the true test is whether a toy can stand the test of time.  

so, in honor of all toys of Christmas past i thought it would be fun to take a look at the toys that have sizzled or fizzled with this party of four.

in the parent magazine toy category we have the tumbling blocks vs. the magnet school.  the tumbling blocks are so old that i cannot find a link to them anywhere.  however, although they may be oldies, they certainly are goodies.  they have been used for car ramps, obstacle courses, soccer goals, chairs and yes, they have even been tumbled on. 

the magnet school on the other hand, has only been played with when i take them out and try to force persuade my children that they are a educational fun toy.

in the game category we have sequence for kids vs. the very hungry caterpillar game.  sequence for kids has been played over and over again and is pleasing to those age 3-32.  the very hungry caterpillar game on the other hand has been tried over and over again, but always meets the same fate of being stranded alone on the living room floor.

and finally in the very special p category, puzzles vs. puppets, we have crocodile creek puzzles vs. melissa and doug puppets.  both, i hold very near and dear to my heart, however, only one ever makes it's way out of the toy box.  the puzzles sizzle in the p category, and the puppets fizzle.

what toys of your Christmas past have stood the test of time?


  1. love this! maybe we should organize a toy swap for all of our fizzles :)

    my kids are upstairs playing legos - it's a gift that doesn't necessarily make their eyes light up when they receive them but later they spend a lot of time with them.

  2. I love this too-- particularly those educational toys. Oh, poor children of teachers...


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