Saturday, December 11, 2010


We recently started a new car ride trend. it goes something like this: when driving in our car, usually after a long period of time, we all stack our hands on top of each other, huddle style, and on the count of three, raise our hands in the air while shouting something fitting for the moment.

today, after a lengthy breakfast downtown and an even lengthier search for the perfect Christmas ornaments, elliott called for this party of four to put their hands in the middle. when all hands were in, elliott cheerfully proclaimed, on the count of three say, we’re going home! our hands bounced, smiles filled our tired faces and erased our tired eyes, and we all breathed a sigh of relief that we were finally on our way home.

and we were on our way home, i promise, until a sign caught my eye. it was big. it was red. and it said, store closing.

in a second, steve had pulled down a side street, made a quick u-turn, and slid into a spot smack dab in front of icandy. a store with all the charm in the world.

against every ounce of common sense we took our over-tired boys and headed in.

as soon as we entered we saw that there were treasures in every corner. all marked up to 70% off. steals, i’m telling you. steals.

we walked around the store once. we walked around the store twice. and each time we found one more thing we had over looked the time before.

after well over an hour of perusing, contemplating and dreaming, we had made our choices and came home with these treasures. plus a few more.

so if you happen to find yourself near the corner of wealthy and fuller and have a hour few minutes to spare, it is definitely worth checking out.

who knows, you may end up just walking out with several items of wooden d├ęcor that you never knew you needed!


  1. Love it...that Elliott, what would you do without him! And...I can't wait to see the new decor

  2. look at you, you're a decorator!!


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