Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Gibson Jack!

H appy birthday to our Gibson Jack! What a wonderful, crazy and exciting year you have had.
  In your fifth year of life you...

attempted snowboarding for the very first time. had your adrenal system go to sleep. moved to a new house. learned to ride a bike. went tubing for the very first time. discovered the age old secret of surfing the waves. switched schoolsbegan to read.  mastered the art of tic-tac-toehit a golf ball farther than your mamma. rode a bus for the very first time. started swimming like a fishhad the courage to try the alpine luge racesang in your very first Christmas programhad your adrenal system wake up.  gained 5lbs and grew 5 inchesplayed your first game of soccer.  earned the right to the top bunk bed..again. and laughed at least three hundred times a day.

And now, as you enter your this new year, we pray that you may be courageous and strong in all that you do.  We love you to the moon.


  1. What a busy year!

    The baby Gibson pictures are too cute. Now that he is six, I will be careful not to call him cute, I'll stick to handsome or something...

  2. Oh, I hadn't seen pictures of baby Gibson before...he was adorable and still is (I mean handsome) ;)

  3. when gibson was looking at his pictures he said, "i think i look a lot like Ty Ty.":)

  4. Happy Birthday, Gibson!! Wow where has the time gone? I just found some pictures the other day that I will have to send you.


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