Sunday, October 31, 2010

moments like these

one day, i am certain, things will slow down.  there will be a day where dashing from school to soccer practice is no longer my job.  when searching for show n' tell items, that no one else will think of, will long be over.  nights, where the only bedtime stories in our house will be the ones held in our hands, read silently to ourselves.

i have been trained, we have been trained, to always be looking ahead to the next moment.  we rush and rush and rush, always looking for one little something more.  one little something more, to make us happy, satisfied and successful.

and then, nights like tonight happen.  ones that are woven into our lives to remind us of what is important.  as we gathered with our church family, raising the roof in a halloween hootenanny, time stood still. 

it was loud. it was crazy. and it was beautiful.  a kind of beautiful that brings tears to your eyes and overflows your heart with gratitude.  as i stood back, in attempt to take it all in, i had an overwhelming feeling of peace, God's presence and a deep understanding that we have been blessed.

on this halloween night, i am thankful.  i am thankful that time stood still.  thankful, that our children get to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  and, thankful, most of all, for moments like these.


  1. Oh I so understand...I can get so caught up in the day to day craziness. But when you have those moments like you so beautifully described, it is amazing.

  2. Theresa, you have a gift in the eloquent way you place your thoughts into words. What a wonderful night you had with family and friends.


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