Thursday, August 26, 2010

team up thursday: old

as soon as i heard that this week's theme was "old", i knew i needed to dedicated this team up thursday to jade, our sweet "old" girl who is showing signs of her decline more often than we would like to admit.

the grey in her muzzle, the limp in her right leg, her tired eyes are all telling us that she has had a good life full of tennis balls, left behind peanut butter and jelly crusts, and belly rubs.  she may no longer swim for hours or be able to climb stairs, but she still remains a wise "old" dog who can sense when your happy or sad and tries to protect you from any harm.  and although, her lack of patience did not allow for me to capture her perfectly, i thought this picture says it all.

i love that sara's picture is not just something "old" but has a story to tell as well. i love that a painting can speak to so many people in so many ways and that it's beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  oh, so similar to team up thursday.

next up: selective focus

*as an added bonus, if you are interested to hear a facinating and uplifting teaching on aging, tune in here.


  1. Love it (Jade's), Love it (the artwork), Love it (link to Mars' recent sermon on aging)...mine would have been a picture of Gen 1 in the bible. The oldest story and where it all started.


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