Thursday, July 1, 2010

one big zucchini

it all started with one big zucchini.

one that was given to us by our neighbor. a zucchini, that for some reason inspired me to want to bake. i had visions of loaves of warm, fresh baked bread loaded with chocolate chips, filling up the kitchen. i imagined myself to be just like pioneer woman, with long, flowing hair the color of red velvet cake and a killer necklace always to match. and i set off, with my boys in tow, to make the best zucchini bread this side of the mississippi.

so off we went. we each cracked an egg and beat them well.

we added our applesauce and vanilla.

and mixed it to perfection.

then came the zucchini, two cups grated with great mess.

finally the flour was folded in.

and the sole reason i will eat baked goods came next

and voila, we were ready to roll. came out of the oven,
and it was brown on the bottom.
my hopes of being the next pioneer woman were dashed.
maybe next time.

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