Thursday, June 25, 2009


i have been told that the dutch translation of heethuis is hothouse. something about a green house? i don't know, there is not a bit of me that is dutch so i can not attest to the validity of that translation. i can however, give proof that we are literally living in a hothouse. the current temperature at 9:54 pm is 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's an improvement.


  1. I knew what this post was going to be from the link on my blog. I hope you're not all melting over there! It looks as if cooler weather is on the way, if the meteorologists are to be trusted. I'm not sure they are.

  2. We had that same problem...Scott called our apartment maintenance and our heat was STUCK ON! Hope it cools down a little for you the meantime eat lots and lots of popsicles!!! Hi Gibs and Elliott!!

  3. When our house gets this way, I always remember how very cold I am in January...I always prefer the heat! :)


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