Monday, December 29, 2008

to do list

procrastinate: verb. to put off till another day or time; defer; delay

this describes us to a T. we accomplished many projects when we first bought our house, but have seemed to be putting the last little projects off for that last, oh let's say, five years or so. this weekend it hit us. we do not want to live in our house any longer much longer, and we need to be ready to sell if we need to. so, as of sunday we are in project mode. we came up with a list and hit the ground begrudgingly running.

the dreaded list
clean basement
finish trim
hang uppercase living
move summer clothes upstairs
put grass seed down
hang closet door up
paint bathroom
scrape outside paint
organize office
donate extras to goodwill
needless to say we won't be moving for sometime, but at least we are off and running.


  1. we are the same way.we've been talking about redoing bathrooms for 5 years and there are unfinished painting spots from the first month we moved in. yikes! oh well-at least you have a list and have started. good luck!! :)

    glad you guys are feeling better!

  2. So glad you are better. It sounds like you have been busy. I thought I was ambitious cleaning out my kitchen cupboards today, but you have accomplished quite a bit of your list. Have a Happy New Year!


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