Monday, August 25, 2008

big mouth bass

anybody who knows gibson, knows he has an abundance of energy. so much, that it drains my energy trying to expend his. on the opening day of the summer olympics steve and i were watching michael phelps during his first event. before he swam, they did the usual olympic spotlight on him. during this feature his mom told the story of how he had such attention and energy problems until he began swimming. immediately, we looked at each other and thought to sign gibson up for a swim team asap. the next day we left for vacation and forgot all about it.

we forgot about in until gibson picked up a fishing pole with two days of vacation left. while in the paddle boat with daddy, he fished, while sitting in one spot for over two hours that first night. content to just cast and real it back in again. after that first fishing trip he spent any extra minute he had at the cottage on the pontoon boat casting away. hours. hours of casting and realing. hours. jackpot. gibson has found his passion that calms him. who could have guessed that a sedentary sport with little action, especially when fishing with no bait, could calm our gibbergoos.

we were thrilled. and gibson was thrilled when bumpa asked him if he wanted to spend the night and go fishing with him. gibson, of course, talked about it all week. and today was the day. bright and early, at 5:30, bumpa, yia yia and gibson headed to cranberry lake. it would be gibson's first big fishing adventrue. and by the stories that he has told us all day, an adventure it was. according to gibson, bumpa caught a 'big mouth bass', the motor wouldn't work, and he could fish with only one hand. when i talked with bumpa earlier this evening he told me that even after they got home from their fishing expedition, gibson, sat in the boat, in the garage, and cast his fising pole hitting the other garage wall telling him, "bumpa, let me know if i'm catching anything". at dinner tonight i asked gibson what his favorite part of the day was. with his trademark belly laugh he said, "when bumpas motor wouldn't work and they had to use the paddles to get back". i then asked him what his least favorite part of the day was. he replied, "leaving bumpa and yia yia's". that says it all.

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