Wednesday, June 11, 2008

shave and a haircut...two bits

a crafty person i am not! i can appreciate a great craft. i often am inspired to try projects on my own but am only left with a half finished blanket in the bottom of the closet, waiting for that last detail to be finished. this is why i love it that gibson and elliott go to "school". they have wonderful teachers that do creative, crafty and messy stuff with them. one early morning we walked into gibson's room to find that there was an entire water table filled with mud. thick, pasty, dark, dirty mud. i told his teacher right then and there that i loved her. i especially love to see all of the creative things that come home. this mother's day the school craftiness reached an all time high. gibson made me my very own grass head man. a nylon headed man with googly eyes and lush green grass that would put many lawns to shame. not only was it a craft done at school, but it had the added feature of being a project at home. frequent haircuts were a crucial to the proper maintenance of my new grass head man.

after a couple of weeks of watering our new addition to the family the time had come for his first haircut, and gibson was more than pleased to do the honors. with scissors in hand he worked precisely to give grass head man the do he deserved. with great intensity gibson worked with his tongue sticking out hoping to get it just right. and what an incredible job he did. grass head man managed to come away from his first haircut relatively unscathed. despite one tiny nick to his nylon scalp and a missing eye, his haircut looked phenomenal. who could have asked for a better mother's day gift.

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