Thursday, April 17, 2008

thankful thursday

tonight started as a typical thursday night. after putting elliott to bed,steve was on his way to work. i read gibson his books, made up a jackson mcgibbers and drewby mcelliott story, prayed and put him to bed. i then settled into my normal spot... glued to the computer checking all of my favorite blogs. there wasn't an update on my favorite blog, so i moved to the next and noticed she had a link to a blog that inspired her. naturally, i clicked on the link, unaware of how my heart would be changed. as i began to read the letter written by a mother who had just given her baby girl back to God, my heart sank. continuing to read, my heart was still heavy with sadness, yet amazed at the faith that this family had in God's plan to use this season in their lives to further his Kingdom. after reading only a small portion of their powerful journey, i felt compelled to count my many blessings...
I am thankful for:
*my wonderful husband who does not put God in a box

*my three year old son who had the biggest brown eyes that i often find myself lost in

*my one year old son who can snuggle into you so tight that all worries are lost at that moment

* that as i sat sobbing, while reading this touching story, gibson came out of his bedroom and asked, "can you teach me the hokey poky?"

* elliott's hair that has a tinge of red when the light hits it just right

* a wonderful supportive family who loves my boys as if they were their own

* a great job, when so many are desperate for one

* our house that holds so many stories of us

* friends who ask deep questions challenging me to grow

* the desire to change all of which is negative in me

* people who are willing to share their stories. letting the good and the bad in their lives be a lesson to anyone they encounter

* knowing God and being drawn in closer

i pray that if we were ever put in such an unthinkable situation in our lives that we may be only half as gracious and faithful as the smiths are...

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