Thursday, March 20, 2008

poor little guy

today was a tough day for elliott. he had his first experience with a hospital. first experience with lots of pain and first experience with anesthesia. i don't know if it is fortunately or unfortunately, but it was not our first experience with the lovely tubes in the ears process.

all started well with elliott loving life in the holding room. lots of new toys to explore. lots of attention. he even did a great job when the anesthesiologist was putting the mask on. no eye rolling or shaking. because of even did a great job. elliott was a superstar in surgery, sporting two very infected and fluid filled ears for the doctor to have his way with. however, elliott's performance was not so stellar in the whole recovery department. our usually cuddly guy had a tough time coming out of the anesthesia. he woke up fine but spent the entire time in the recovery room flailing and screaming between steve and i. poor thing. he did not stop screaming until we were almost home. he finally crashed, giving in to the traumatic events of the day.

the process is never fun, but we know it is best for elliott. hopefully, after today his world has more volume, more clarity and a lot less pain.

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