Wednesday, January 2, 2008

He doesn't send you two of the same

In Heethuis fashion, Elliott Drew finally made is appearance April 3, 2007. He came quickly and quietly as soon as he decided it was time. A trend we can only now say has stuck. We knew he was ours when he struggled to breathe alerting the neonatal team. As he lied there struggling to breathe, I realized how much my heart had just grown and how much I loved this little boy already. My heart ached wondering if he was going to be alright. Thankfully, all of the drama was relatively short lived. After all had calmed down we had a chance to meet our newest boy.

He was bald as a cue ball and as tiny as could be. He ate well and loved to cuddle. He had dark eyes and long fingers. As we brought him home we realized he loved to be held and held some more. Elliott was and is his own person, made specially to fit our family. He brings joy, spice and laughter. He is our Elliott Drew.

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